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[ooc: follows the end of this thread: erik v. war]

*Riley still can't believe that he's managed to actually capture the attention of someone like Erik. He can't believe that someone like Erik could actually be in love with someone like him. It just didn't make sense. It went against the way fate had been treating him his whole life and yet, here he was, happy and in love with someone as incredible as Erik.

Erik. Erik who was currently late.

Riley tried not to worry but it went against his being. Erik was never late like this. Maybe a few minutes or a half hour late with breathless apologises and kisses to make up for it but it's been almost two hours.

Erik had a habit of going out on his own some nights. Going to bars to drink and numb the pain that Riley wished he would just share because Riley was here and Riley wanted to help. He had told Erik as much but... but it was hard for the man to share. Riley understood that. Riley could be patient when it came to this.

But Riley wasn't patient now. He had called Erik's cell a few times but got no response. Now all sorts of situations were flowing through Riley's mind; each possibility of what had happened worse than the last and before it drove him completely insane, Riley pushed himself to his feet, grabbed his shoes and went to pull his coat on. Ready to go out and find Erik himself, if he could.*
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*Riley was quickly making himself go crazy. From the second he hung up the phone after confirming that Erik was coming over, he was rushing around to get all the rooms cleaned up; picking up the piles of clothes, the clutter of papers strewn all over the place, and the random electronics spread out on random surfaces.

Once that was done, he hurried to the bathroom, took the quickest shower he'd ever achieved in his life, and brushed his teeth nearly twenty times before stopping himself because he was being a little ridiculous here.

A knock at the door startled him and he quickly dried his face, tugging on his clothes and hurried to the door to pull it open, smiling brightly at the sight of Erik.*

Hey, you.
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OOC Contact Post for all OOC needs.

Leave comments here with any questions/concerns about anything Riley whether it's about wanting a verse or just dropping by to say hi~
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*voicemail message* Hi there! You've reached Riley Poole. Obviously I can't pick up the phone right now because I'm either a) being lazy today and don't feel like answering the phone, b) am in the middle of some ancient cave somewhere under some building being chased by bad guys and trying to save history again, or c) sleeping. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If I haven't been killed, assuming the reason I haven't answered is letter b.


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